Utilising our expertise in executive search and having delivered on client requirements in a variety of sectors, LMA have developed a toolkit for clients requiring an Executive Search process to be undertaken for C-Suite level positions, those with a very limited talent pool, confidential/difficult or team-hire scenarios.

Our toolkit enables clients to gain competitive advantage when it comes to attracting, securing & retaining the best Talent in each of our core markets.This is undertaken through utilising the power of information; ‘Talent & Market Mapping’.

Talent Mapping

A comprehensive Talent Map enables organisations to identify, measure and proactively engage with competitors’ top talent. They provide a direct means to communicate with high calibre individuals to fill existing, newly created or future roles.

When used as part of a strategic hiring program, Talent Mapping can reduce recruitment costs by up to 70%, adding directly to the businesses bottom line. Talent Mapping drastically improves efficiencies, time to hire, mis-hire rates and associated costs, interview to offer, and offer to acceptance ratios.

  • Competitor activity analysis

  • Competitor salary & benefits survey

  • Competitor Talent benchmarking

  • Employer Brand audits

Market Mapping

Market Mapping is tailored to an organisation’s requirements and enable our clients to accurately identify the competitive landscape within a geographical location and/or sector.

Every market mapping exercise that we undertake is bespoke with a range of possible parameters that can be agreed prior to undertaking such an exercise – the maps can be hierarchical, geographical, company or project specific.

Our Market Maps are a valuable part of an effective recruitment strategy and typically save clients upwards of 50% on traditional recruitment costs. The maps are particularly effective at delivering efficiencies when used for continuous hiring programs, or multiple hires of the same discipline.

Some examples of services we are able to deliver alongside a traditional market map:

  • Candidate profiling

  • Competitor insight

  • Competitor organisational mapping

  • Competitor functionality mapping

Recently completed assignments:

Chief Financial Officer – Boutique Investment Bank

Chief Executive Officer – Private Equity

Chief People Officer – International Investment Bank

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Risk Officer – Financial Services Money Markets organisation

Chief Marketing Officer – International FMCG

Chief Financial Officer – Fixed Income, Asset Management

Portfolio Management Team – Emerging Markets, Asset Management

Chief Financial Officer & Head of Operations – International Law Firm (FS Specialist)

Chief Financial Officer – Venture Capital

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