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LMA Recruitment has been providing award winning recruitment services to blue-chip businesses in the UK, Europe, ANZ and APAC since 1999. Our teams are specialised to ensure that your hiring requirements or job search will be handled by experts who know and understand your sector. h


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Relationships and people are the foundation of our business. Therefore, we never lose sight of how important the right people are to businesses and the right careers are to people. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and candidates by offering the most professional, ethical and knowledgeable recruitment service in the market.

  • ​Thanks to his knowledge and experience of the recruitment market, Dal was able to perfectly match my skills and experience to the right position in the right company. His professionalism and diligence, as well as personable...

    Paul Cherubin

  • ​It is rare that you come across a standout recruitment firm like LMA. I have worked with LMA now for the last few years in my capacity as senior recruiter for a large investment bank. They have successfully completed...

    Matthew Morgan

  • ​Nefino successfully placed me as Head of Finance for UK and Europe at Financial Services company CMC Markets. Since then, I have used Nefino on any role I am looking to hire into my new team at CMC. The reason I...

    Nick Jones

  • ​I have been working with Claire Lever at LMA for a few years now. During this time she has consistently found me suitable work placements. I am grateful for her dedication and commitment to the cause and always being...

    Google Reviews

  • ​I would highly recommend LMA Recruitment Agency. I joined them last year, their team is very helpful, professional and friendly. Many thanks especially to Claire and Jennifer for placing me in the role with an amazing...

    Google Reviews

  • ​Extremely happy with LMA Recruitment, in particular Nikolai Balzer. He really took time out to get to know me, provided me with tips on securing a role and really supported me throughout the interview process, even after I...​

    Google Reviews

We are a multi award-winning agency, accredited to the highest of standards.

  • the-benefits-of-hiring-for-potential-rather-than-just-experience

    The benefits of hiring for potential rather than just experience

    ​​Hiring the right candidate is one of the most important decisions a company can make. A strong workforce is the foundation for success, and hiring the right people is key to building that foundat...

  • supporting-lgbtqia-plus-colleagues-how-to-become-an-effective-workplace-ally

    Supporting LGBTQIA+ colleagues: How to become an effective workplace ally

    ​​In today's rapidly evolving society, diversity and inclusivity are crucial elements for fostering a thriving and harmonious workplace environment. One important aspect of creating an inclusive wo...

  • how-to-handle-multiple-job-offers

    How to handle multiple job offers

    ​​Handling multiple job offers can be a challenging and exciting time in your career journey. It's a situation that many job seekers hope to find themselves in, but it can also be overwhelming and ...

  • continuous-learning-and-development-benefits-for-businesses

    Continuous learning and development benefits for businesses

    ​​To stay competitive, companies must continually strive to stay ahead of the curve and make sure their strategies are up to date. Continuous learning and development programs will ensure that, as ...

  • the-importance-of-a-strong-personal-brand-in-the-hiring-process

    The importance of a strong personal brand in the hiring process

    ​Your personal brand is the perception that others have of you and the value that you bring to the table. It is what sets you apart from other candidates and can make a significant difference in th...

  • why-your-company-should-have-an-open-door-policy

    Why your company should have an open-door policy

    ​​In today's modern workplace, companies are constantly seeking new ways to improve their organisational culture, employee engagement, and overall productivity. A method that has gained popularity ...

  • red-flags-to-watch-out-for-in-a-job-interview

    Red flags to watch out for in a job interview

    ​​When you are on the job hunt, it is important to be aware of red flags in a company or interviewer during the job interview process. These red flags can provide you with insight into the company'...

  • best-practices-for-employee-offboarding

    Best practices for employee offboarding

    ​Offboarding refers to the process of transitioning an employee out of your company. It is an important aspect that is often overlooked. When done correctly, offboarding employees can assist your c...

  • simple-habits-that-all-successful-team-leaders-should-acquire

    Simple habits that all successful team leaders should acquire

    ​​It is undeniable that habits form an integral part of every human being. Ultimately, they dictate how we behave, think, act, and conduct ourselves in daily life. Every move we make is guided by h...

  • 5-tips-for-quiet-thriving-at-work

    5 Tips for 'Quiet-Thriving' at work

    ​​It is not uncommon to hear of the term "quiet quitting" or "quiet firing" at work, particularly when it comes to prioritising your own needs. You may find that the "quiet thriving" trend offers y...

  • how-team-building-can-benefit-your-organisation

    How team building can benefit your organisation

    ​​The term "team building" refers to activities that are intended to improve workplace relations. They promote teamwork and cohesiveness among colleagues. Those who run companies or manage teams kn...

  • tips-for-building-confidence-at-work

    Tips for building confidence at work

    ​​It is easier to attain a confident mindset if you understand the importance of being confident at work. It's understandable that we're sometimes afraid to speak up in certain situations, but what...

  • cv-writing-rules-that-apply-to-everyone

    CV writing rules that apply to everyone

    ​​A successful job application begins with a well-crafted CV. It is not your CV that will cause you to get the job, but it can certainly prevent you from getting an interview if you do not work har...

  • wellbeing-trends-that-will-shape-the-workplace-in-2023

    Wellbeing trends that will shape the workplace in 2023

    ​​We are seeing a shift in the concept of work-life well-being every day, from shared values and living wages to accessible mental health support. The key to retaining staff and increasing profitab...

  • the-importance-of-following-up-after-an-interview

    The importance of following up after an interview

    ​​Have you ever wondered what to do after you've been interviewed for a job? Having been in your shoes, we know what it's like. Awaiting a response after an interview isn't fun, but it's a part of ...

  • a-roadmap-for-hiring-and-retention-success-in-2023

    A roadmap for hiring and retention success in 2023

    ​​In the current economic climate, leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to persuade top talent into joining their organisations. The current recruitment efforts of many companies are not s...

  • to-motivate-your-employees-you-need-to-offer-more-than-just-money

    To motivate your employees, you need to offer more than just money!

    ​​When employees are happy, they are more likely to come up with creative solutions and take initiative to improve the company. They are also more likely to collaborate with each other and work tog...

  • interview-tips-for-demonstrating-your-growth-mindset

    Interview tips for demonstrating your growth mindset

    ​The concept of growth mindset revolves around the belief that you can develop your skills and abilities with practice and effort. In other words, if you believe in a growth mindset, you believe th...

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