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Deborah Gilo

  • Position: Researcher

Hi I’m Deborah, I joined LMA in April 2022. I have experienced working in Recruitment prior joining LMA and 3 years on the administrative side of business.

Recruitment is a never-ending cycle with different challenges that require different approach. To make it successful you must have mutual relationship between applicants and employers – both must achieve growth.

I have a BA in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management minor in Service Management Program for Business Process Outsourcing. The Human Resources field always have my heart. I am used to working with diverse people and different nationalities including Americans, Indians, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, and many more.

I always take pride on dedicating myself on what I do to produce the best results. Matching the clients’ requirements with applicant’s experience and expertise. I believe that communication is the base of every relationship so I make time on knowing people, understanding them, and learning from them.