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Top 5 Tips for Finding a New Role Following Your Annual Bonus

The time for annual bonuses for the Financial Services sector is fast approaching, so ask yourself – are you happy in your current role? Could you benefit from a change of position or from new challenges? LMA’s expert consultants have compiled their top 5 tips for finding a new role after receiving your annual bonus:

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  1. Give Yourself a Head Start:
    You may be tempted to enjoy the holiday period and start the job hunt in January, but why wait for the competition to catch up? The tail end of the year can be extremely productive for finding new opportunities in the Financial Services sector, with firm’s anticipating a large turnover of employees in the new year. According to research by XpertHR, 13.7% of Financial Services staff will change employment each year. So, give yourself the advantage and speak to one of our consultants, who can guide you through your job search.   

  2. Am I happy?
    You’ve earned your bonus based on the hard work you’ve put in for the year previous, not the year ahead, but make sure you’re knowledgeable on the rules and restrictions around receiving your bonus and any policies that restrict you leaving your post within a specific timescale. Does your current employer value your contribution? Are you working for an organisation who reward their staff fairly for their input, or is it a one size-fits-all scenario? Have you maximised your earnings over the last 12-18 months or would have been better off elsewhere in terms of bonus and career progression?  

  3. My profile:
    Ensure your LinkedIn profile and all other Social Media posts\profiles paint you in a favourable light. They need to be up-to-date, professional and relevant to your industry. A consultative Recruiter will afford you open & honest advice on this front – providing you with the best possible chance to secure the right step for your future career prospects. Never underestimate the importance of choosing to work with the right individual when considering something as important as securing you your next role!

  4. ‘Should I stay or Should I go?!' 
    Once you’ve secured your new position, your consultant will steer you through your resignation process. Ensuring to deal with any departure processes, bonus requirements and offering guidance on any potential counter offers, which are rarely successful for those that accept them. Our article ‘The Facts Surrounding Counter Offers; Stick or Twist?’ offers more information and advice on counter offers.  

  5. What are your next steps?
  • Contact one of our expert consultants at LMA
  • Gain an understanding of what type of position you’re looking for
  • We will begin the consultative process by finding positions that suit you and your needs
  • Start 2020 on high with your new role!   
By using these tips as a foundation to base your job search on, you should get ahead of the curve and find your next step, ready for the new year. Speak to one of our recruitment consultants for expert advice on finding your next career move.

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