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Niall Caton, Consultant

Hi I'm Niall.

Finance is the catalyst of the economy, understanding what a good asset looks like means they can add value to your business.

I have spent nearly all my working life inside the recruitment industry…and it fascinates me; it’s vibrant, challenging and critical part of the economy. I recruit top down finance and this is a huge asset to the companies as you will always have one point of contact who has a deep understanding of the technical requirements. As someone who has been doing recruitment since 2013, this is my career and for a career you need relationships. My natural goal is building friendly, honest relationships with all my clients. I achieve this by extensively networking, arranging seminars and delivering on promises.  I am always keen to have a chat about your current and future hiring plans, discuss the market, or answer any questions where I can be of assistance.  Don't hesitate to call or email me to arrange a coffee.


Tel: 020 7246 1996

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