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Olivia Heffer, Resourcing Manager, Secretarial

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Hi I’m Olivia and I work as the Resourcing Manager at LMA. I have worked my way through the ranks after joining in April 2012.

I look after two Trainee Consultants and they are an absolute dream to manage. I am so lucky to work with the best Director and I support her on a 1:1 basis with her resourcing needs.

I am really proud of what I have achieved at LMA. I was 20 years old when I started and I have learned so much and grown so much! (Mostly due to the secretarial team secret stash of chocolate!).

I do have a few classic “Oliviaisms” and they include:

“Does ham hock soup have ham in it.” “Is it a period drama…(No its Gavin and Stacey!)”.

I do have my moments, but overall I know that I am respected and I am so excited to see my trainees develop under my training and I absolutely love working within the secretarial team.


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