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Big enough to find the best.
Small enough to really know them.

It’s easy to get pompous about what we do. To name-drop our global clients or wax lyrical about ‘pioneering psychometric testing’. But if you’re not careful, you lose sight of what’s really important: Relationships and people.

Without relationships, you don’t truly understand the client – their business culture and who they really need. You miss the nuances of each candidate – the human behind the CV and what makes them tick. And the ‘right fit’ slowly starts to blister.

People smarts, as well as state-of-the-art
Since 1999, LMA has supplied great candidates to blue-chip businesses in London, Singapore and Hong Kong. We draw on in-depth market intelligence and use industry-leading tools to search, screen and select. We have specialist consultants and a global network. And we’re professional beyond measure.

But we never lose sight of what matters: How important the right people are to businesses, and the right careers are to people.

Meet the matchmakers

What we believe in

Heart & soul

It’s our no-holds-barred mission to exceed the expectations of our clients and candidates by offering the most professional, ethical and knowledgeable recruitment service in the market.

That’s why every day, we believe in working with:

Honesty and integrity
Easy to say, harder to do. But when relationships are at the heart of it, you make absolutely sure you speak the truth and play by the rules. That’s why, in a cut-throat industry, our reputation is totally un-besmirched.

Respect for others
This is reflected in everything. Like being a decent corporate citizen, running marathons for charity and year-after-year supporting Children with Cancer UK. It’s also about being a proper equal opportunities employer – not just signing up to all the legal stuff*, but creating a diverse workplace where everyone feels 100% part of the team.

…and team play, team parties and lots of team hugs. We’re probably the world’s happiest recruitment company. After all, you can only be successful when staff, clients and candidates are all enjoying the relationship.

Delivering on promises
This is an industry where promises are easily made, and even more easily broken. We understand the frustration this causes to clients and candidates – so we will never over-promise, nor under-deliver. Whether it’s as small as sending a shortlist by 4pm, or as vital as sticking to fee structures, if we say we’ll do it, we will.

Achieving excellence
Ultimately we’re here to help our clients and candidates fulfill their potential. To make sure that happens, we will literally go to the ends of the earth and burn all sorts of midnight oil to bring the right businesses and talent together. We encourage these successes with numerous internal rewards programmes.

* We fully recognise our legal obligations under the Sex Discrimination Act, the Equal Pay Act, the Race Relations Act, the Disability Discrimination Act, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003 and the Age Discrimination Act 2006.

Big opportunities: Our top London consultant billed a chunky £600,000 last year.

Happy campers: Only 3% of staff left us unplanned last year.

Join us.
And you’ll be going nowhere.

Very few people ever leave LMA. Our success is completely down to our consultants’ success – so we get everything right to help your career go ballistic.
For starters, that means a great package: Top salaries, with superb benefits. And we’re not just talking about the banter, endless freebies or day off on your birthday. We mean the private healthcare and commission structure that’s one of the juiciest in the industry.

Space to grow. Fast.
We’re small enough so you don’t get lost or placed on some generic career development path. And because we’re growing fast, you can too.

There’s no corporate ladder or political hurdles to jump through. It’s not about KPIs, ticking boxes or following the corporate manual. It’s about you doing your best for clients – having the opportunities and freedom to succeed. It’s a bit like running your own business from our desk.

Developing your potential
You won’t be smothered in sickly team-building days and patronising motivational seminars. It’s about making you feel happy and a bit like a super hero. That means real support – giving you personalised career development by a specialist in-house trainer and regular ‘lunch & learn’ sessions to keep you pumped and performing.

The perfect work-play balance
We’ve created the ideal recruitment environment. There’s the fun stuff like Prosecco Fridays and Summer Sports Days. But it’s all underpinned by hard work and success: The monthly achievers’ champagne breakfasts, quarterly high fliers’ dinners, and an international exchange programme where you can work in exotic and dynamic locations.

Taking the serious things seriously
We might have good times, but it’s only by creating an atmosphere of trust, hard work and doing things right. We have a set of beliefs that we hold very dear: Like honesty and integrity, respecting others, putting teamwork first and delivering on promises. So we all achieve good things.

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We founded LMA

Backed by the Empresaria Group, LMA was established in March 1999 and over the last 10 years has developed strong brand recognition within the marketplace as the recruiter of choice for many leading blue chip organisations in London.


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Russell takes over as MD.
LMA employs 5 staff.

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