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Happy Chinese New Year!
05 Feb 2019
Happy Chinese New Year, from all at LMA Recruitment!
Why you need an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
05 Feb 2019
In a world where the candidate is king, recruiters are continually having to be more and more creative to ensure they attract the best candidates and then retain them...
Research highlights more and more millennials desire a ‘portfolio career’
31 Jan 2019
Millennials are often seen as a mysterious bunch. A generation of workers sometimes perceived as lazier, more work shy and entitled who you never see without the latest...
HR Breakfast Seminar
30 Jan 2019
Dal Heer and Alex Wade hosted a very successful and interactive HR breakfast seminar on ‘The Future of Work and Leadership Development’...
Company Growth
25 Jan 2019
We’ve come a long way in 20 years…hashtag#companygrowth hashtag#business hashtag#growth hashtag#20yearanniversary hashtag#20years hashtag#recruitment hashtag#family

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