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How to be more effective at minute taking
27 Mar 2018
As any great PA knows, taking minutes is an essential skill but can certainly be a challenge. Even for the most experienced of us the process of writing minutes can be...
How to make networking fun
26 Mar 2018
The thing with networking is that you’re either a natural at it or it’s something you find very daunting and can feel like a terrible chore...
The key steps to becoming a more valuable employee
20 Mar 2018
If we’re being honest, it is pretty easy to recognise the behaviours that make people lack value as an employee. We could probably all reel that list off the top of our...
Top tips for PAs for writing the perfect CV
19 Mar 2018
Writing a CV can seem a difficult and time consuming task, but by following the tips below, you can produce an amazing PA CV that will stand out from the crowd and...
How to stay motivated when looking for a new job
15 Mar 2018
No one ever said that looking for a new job was easy; however it can often feel like a full time job in itself. The process can take so much time and energy it can be...

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