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The rise of the workplace personality test
21 Feb 2018
Let’s be honest, recruiting can be an expensive and time consuming activity and with the risk of hiring the wrong candidate it’s no wonder recruiters welcome any...
Considering a PA job in London?
14 Feb 2018
Whilst the streets may not be paved with gold; living and working in London does offer a world of opportunity. The city is booming and as it continues to flourish...
How to handle making a mistake at work
12 Feb 2018
As a busy PA or secretary your wheels are always spinning. Requests and demands will come from all areas, at all times and multi-tasking will be second nature...
How to make the best impression when you start a new job
30 Jan 2018
So you’ve made it, you’ve got that fantastic new job you so wanted, or even the one that is the stepping stone to the one you really want...
Easy ways to boost productivity and employee engagement
26 Jan 2018
The last decade, since the global financial crisis, has seen the UK economy struggle with low productivity. It certainly isn’t just a UK problem...

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