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Why you should still consider learning shorthand
23 Nov 2017
There is no doubt that shorthand has become in many ways a lost art. Moves towards the digital age and technical solutions such as voice recording have certainly left...
What makes a great PA?
21 Nov 2017
To some, a PA is just a fancy name for a secretary, in reality that is far from the truth. Yes, both roles demand certain similar skills...
How is big data changing the way companies recruit?
16 Nov 2017
Big Data is one of the latest buzz words in recruitment. The phrase has been coined due to the growth of our lives online and the ability to capture and manipulate data...
Candidate selection by social media is on the increase
26 Oct 2017
A great CV and interview used to get you that job you really wanted, now however that twitter rant you had or that party picture you put on Instagram could have a real...
What does GDPR mean for the recruitment industry?
20 Oct 2017
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year or so, you will have heard of the changes soon to happen to how everyone manages data: the European Union’s...

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