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Latest survey shows 1 in 4 UK candidates would switch jobs to work remotely
15 Jun 2018
The war on talent requires forward thinking employers to constantly review the perks and working patterns they offer to attract the very best talent...
Didn't get the job? How to succeed next time
14 Jun 2018
There is no doubt that being rejected after a job interview, even if it wasn’t for your dream job, can knock your confidence. However...
Why increasing the diversity of your workplace will help solve skills gaps.
12 Jun 2018
Almost every industry has their own unique skills gaps, which make recruiting a constant challenge. However, no matter how often the business benefits for diversity in...
New law to prevent recruitment firms telling temps to wear heels, skirts or make-up
25 May 2018
The Government Equalities Office is set to publish new rules later this month insisting that employment dress codes must have similar standards for both sexes...
How to effectively communicate at work
24 May 2018
Nowadays we are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to ways to communicate at work: voice call, video call, text, messaging apps, email, social networks...

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