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We are totally committed, both as an employer and as a supplier of staff, to the entire Diversity and Inclusion agenda. We believe that organisations who hire on the basis of ability alone, and not with any prejudice, are able to grow a more successful and profitable business.

As suppliers of staff, we see how a diverse workforce can give you a competitive edge and sadly we see there is still a great deal of work to be done to ensure there is total equality when making hiring decisions and for minority groups to feel totally included in their organisation.

To support this, on the 3rd July, 2015 our London team held an event in conjunction with EY. The Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Alan Yarrow, who has a personal agenda on D&I., gave his support to pushing this agenda harder and we were lucky to have his time, as well as Arun Batra, CEO of the National Equality Standards. The event was a huge success, attended by 150 of our clients and it is our aim as an organisation to continue to be a voice from the staffing sector on this issue.

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