Frequently Asked Questions

1. Updating your personal details

2. Your Payslip and Tax Code (PAYE Workers)

3. Holiday Pay (PAYE Workers)

4. Leaving – P45 (PAYE Workers)

Updating your personal details

How can I update my details?

It is important that we hold correct and up to date information in order to ensure fast and accurate payments and communications. You can always review your details by clicking the ‘Personal Details’ options when you click on your name in the RSM InTime portal.

If you think any of these details are incorrect or you would like to change them, please contact your Consultant.


How do I change my bank details?

You can do this by logging into your RSM InTime portal and clicking the ‘Personal Details’ option when you click on your name. At the bottom of the page you can click on the ‘view bank details’ button. You can change and save your new details here.

Your Payslip and Tax Code (PAYE Workers)

How can I view my payslip or P60?

Login to the RSM InTime portal and click ‘Pay’ on the toolbar. Select ‘payslips’ and you will be able to see your most recent payslip. You can use the date drop-down under Payslip Pay Date to view payslips for previous periods. At the top of the page you can select the ‘P60’ option to view any available P60’s.

Holiday Pay (PAYE Workers)

How do I make a holiday pay claim?

When logged into RSM Intime click ‘Pay’ on the toolbar and select ‘Holiday Claims’ from the drop-down menu. Click the ‘Request Holiday’ button. This will take you to the New Holiday Request screen, where you will be able to see the number of hours you have accrued, the number of hours you have already taken, and the remaining balance.

Select the start date and end date of your holiday, and the number of hours you would like to claim pay for. Please note, if you are paid on a daily rate, 1 day = 7.5hours.

​Please ensure you leave these days blank (zero units) when submitting your timesheet.

How do I get paid for bank holidays?

​Providing you have enough hours accrued, please submit a claim through the holiday portal to be paid for Bank Holidays. Please also ensure you leave this day blank (zero units) when submitting your timesheet.

How is my holiday accrual calculated?

If you are a PAYE worker you will automatically accrue holiday hours at the rate of 12.07% of the hours you work each week. You can see how many hours you are accruing each week on your payslip.

​If you are paid on a daily rate the set number of hours assumed worked each day is 7.5. Although the number of hours you work may vary the calculation will be correct, as you should claim 7.5hours for each day you want to claim holiday pay for.

​The percentage accrual rate is calculated using the method below.

​Step 1 - 28 days / 5 working days per week = 5.6 weeks

​Step 2 - 52 weeks - 5.6 weeks = 46.4 weeks

​Step 3 - 5.6 weeks / 46.4 weeks = 12.07%

How is my holiday pay rate calculated?

​Your holiday pay rate is based on your average hourly pay over the previous 52 weeks worked. If you have not been employed by us for 52 weeks, we will look at the average pay you have for the number of weeks we have available.


Leaving - P45 (PAYE Workers)

When will I receive my P45?

You must inform your consultant when you have worked your last day and ensure you have received payment for this week-ending before requesting your P45. You will receive your P45 the week after your final timesheet has been paid.

When will I receive my final holiday pay?

​All outstanding holiday will be paid the week after you receive payment for your final timesheet, as this will accrue holiday and cannot be paid out in the same week as your last timesheet.