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Channel Your Anger When You Work


Something happens that makes you rage inside.

 You can’t afford to let it show too much because you are in the office and people would think that you had lost it if you went around kicking the furniture and slowly pouring your coffee over the offending person’s laptop.

Come on, you feel like doing that sometimes, I know you do.

But you can’t do it, and you can’t be seen to be the one constantly moaning about how unfair everything is. That’s life, get used to it. But it doesn’t help to make the anger go away. It’s inside you, burning a hole through any thought that comes into your head. You have to do something with it or your day will be wasted in a haze of undirected anger.


For me, all energy has the potential to be good energy. You might have had a situation that has annoyed you and got your juices boiling, but you could equally direct this energy into doing something far more productive. Maybe you have some boring paperwork to complete – I guarantee you’ll get it done in double time with the energy of the rage slowly dissipating as you do it. Maybe you have a creative block about a certain challenge – why donlt you revisit it, you might see it from an entirely new perspective.


Living an energetic life is good – no matter where that energy comes from. It sure beats moping around and thinking that you are a loser. When life gives you lemons, just get out there and make lemonade. If life hands you a reason to get angry, channel that anger into something absolutely amazing. There is a chance to do it, believe me, it is simply your choice whether you take that path.


There is so much talk about the route to a productive life. The biggest obstacle to this is distraction – there are so many things that can suck the time out of our days. When you feel angry, no minor distraction will help to get rid of that feeling. Playing a quick game of Angry Birds won’t do it, having a game a tale football won’t do it, even going for a beer after work won’t do it. Anger is one of the purest forms of energy – to get rid of that energy, you have to channel it into becoming something else, not simply stand behind it and say “boo.”


Some people delight in making others angry. They love to see their reactions and it gives them a sense of power to fuel their ego. If someone does this to you, the worst thing that you can do is react badly. That is exactly what they want and they will do it again and again. If on the other hand you turn your anger into something positive, they have actually done you a favour. Thanks to them you will inevitably get more done that day.


When you start seeing (inner) anger as a positive rather than a negative, you will let it seethe inside you until it transforms into something entirely more amazing.


You can’t afford to let it out in its original form, but if you let it out as something new, then you are truly in control of your life. And…. breathe.

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