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Botan Creighton, Senior Consultant

Hey, I am Botan,

I joined LMA in January 2017, having spent several years at one of the largest recruitment agencies in the UK.

Whilst there exists a wealth of benefits working at a larger corporate, it became clear that volume preceded quality, and clients looking for a tailored approach would often be left wanting.

I apply the same philosophy to my career as I do the candidates and clients I work with; focus on the long term. LMA fosters a culture that allows its consultants to work to their namesake, be consultative, not just sales people.

There are three pillars to my life outside of my working day. Formula One is my religion, NFL my passion and Basketball my hobby.  

I've joined LMA to work on the finance in to financial services desk, catering to Banking, Capital Markets, Fund Management and Private Equity clients.

Tel: 020 7246 2646

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