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Making your CV Stand Out in Financial Services

​Now confidence is beginning to return in an improving economy, many of the UK’s Financial Services firms are looking to take on new hires as we progress into 2020. Employers are looking to add real value to their organisations, meaning that competition has become even more intense.

Whether you’re looking to land a new role as a Senior Finance Officer or take your first steps into the industry, an eye-catching, carefully constructed CV is obviously crucial to your success. Not only do you need to demonstrate your skills, but you also need to display your ambition and drive to succeed. So when it comes to crafting that perfect CV, where do you begin? LMA's expert consultants are on hand to help you make a compelling case to hiring managers.

Be Mindful of Requirements

The qualifications and depth of knowledge required for a role depends upon seniority, as well as your chosen firm and department. However, a solid mix of both hard and soft skills will be needed to guarantee your interview spot.

With entry-level positions, finance candidates will typically be university educated with at least a 2:1 degree or possess internship or placement experience. But this isn’t an absolute essential, as many employers out there hire from a diverse range of academic backgrounds.

As you climb the ladder, employers will place more emphasis upon technical capabilities and measurable change. This can cover a wide range of areas, but if you have clear evidence of cutting costs or increasing ROI, make sure you highlight these figures in your CV. You’ll also need to demonstrate detailed industry knowledge and regulations, as well as your potential for continual development.

Don’t Overlook the Soft Skills

While technical capabilities are held in high regard in the Financial Services sector, soft skills can make a real difference between similarly qualified candidates. The top tier talent can offer more than just technical capabilities; they are rounded, multi-skilled individuals that excel in everything from communication, teamwork and emotional intelligence. Be sure to include examples of your soft skills in your CV, and give relevant details to the role in question.

Use Keywords

As more Financial Services companies become reliant on technology, you need to ensure that your CV makes it past the algorithms. Identify key words that have been used in the job advert, then adjust your CV accordingly. It’s also worth discussing specific Financial Service procedures if you already have a certain degree of experience within the field, as you’ll then have the best possible chances of making it through the initial digital screening process.

By formulating a concise, industry-specific CV, you can be confident in your chances of progression. Keep information as relevant as possible and try to condense your CV to two pages.

If you’re looking to progress with your job search and find a new opportunity in the Financial Services sector, speak to one of our expert LMA consultants for advice and guidance today.