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Women in Recruitment

​Women in Recruitment brilliantly supports women in the industry through the provision of development tools, mentoring and networking opportunities and access to other fantastic initiatives which strive to reinforce successful and sustainable careers in recruitment.

Their vision is described as “creating a shared culture across the global recruitment sector, in which individuals can fulfil their potential at work regardless of their gender.” Their valuable advice and assistance enables companies like us to better understand the role that gender plays in business opportunities which arise, specifically within the recruitment industry, and help us to establish a brand which is fully inclusive and diverse.

Partaking in the initiative also allows women working in all areas of recruitment to connect and engage with one another, which has proven success in improving the retention of high-calibre female talent and them themselves reaching their full potential while developing their careers.

“After building one of the most successful secretarial teams in London, I am proud to represent women in recruitment and be a voice at the highest level as a Director at LMA. Being involved in the evolution of our business and being part of the strategy and direction of this company has been one of the proudest achievements of my life. Supporting ‘Women in Recruitment’ and recognising the talent in our industry is something close to my heart.

In 2019, a recruiters pay, performance and recognition must be based on talent, rather than gender.”

Lizzie Wylie, Director – LMA Recruitment

Of the female workforce here at LMA, 25% are part time; LMA are proud not only to support women in recruitment, but also working mothers in recruitment. Read more about how we strive to make LMA the ideal workplace for career women with children here.

Having reached our 20-year milestone in 2019, LMA are extremely proud of the women who have contributed in any way to our successes. The development, expertise and retention of our female workforce we feel has been crucial to becoming the award-winning brand we are today.