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LMA adopts the casual concept

​Following in the footsteps of Goldman Sachs, LMA have recently implemented a new, flexible, business-casual dress code.

Previously reported as “the nail in the business suit’s coffin” the move made by Goldman Sachs to loosen rules on business attire got us questioning whether a similar scheme would work for us, here at LMA.

Described as “a firmwide, flexible dress code” Goldman Sachs asked their employees to dress in “a manner that is consistent with your client’s expectations”. We saw perfect sense in this concept; businesses these days differ so vastly on their principles and policies that when it comes to a B2B service such as recruitment, it is important to mimic as best we can the distinctiveness of our clients in order to cultivate meaningful relationships and build upon levels of respect and trust between us.

Goldman Sachs are not the only large corporation to implement a new business-casual code, having “followed suit” so to speak and replicated the likes of Google, Facebook, Electronic Arts, Twitter, AOL and Apple. LMA have found that giving tradition a back seat can attract top talent that you would find comfortably suited in such large corporations. 

Specialists in Finance, HR, Secretarial and Financial Services, LMA will not be expecting our consultants to attend meetings in sweats but are happy to provide our staff with the opportunity to professionally express themselves in the way that they dress.

Clothing for many people is an important aspect of their personality, which we strive to encourage; by allowing staff to dress somewhat as they wish, we are able to nurture individuality within the team.

LMA were recently voted 2nd in The Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For and received a 3-star accreditation from Best Companies. With our passion for people ever prominent, we are always seeking ways to make our consultants and candidates more comfortable and expect that our new dress code will do just that.

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