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EU workers still searching for UK jobs, despite ongoing Brexit uncertainty

We might not be any closer to a solution to the ongoing drama that is Brexit, but we can be sure of one thing.

Each day we await a solution we are constantly bombarded by negative headlines about the impact of every scenario on the economy and the UK’s job market.

Many are concerned that the UK is no longer seen as destination of choice for European workers.

However, according to the latest research from the UK’s leading independent job board CV-Library the number of professionals looking for work in the UK has actually risen since the EU Referendum vote in 2016, specifically from some of Europe’s strongest economies.

The research examined the EU traffic to the company’s UK site in January of 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 and found that whilst the figures for 2017 and 2018 were fairly unchanged year on year, there was however a not insignificant increase in demand for 2019.

Germany, who currently has the strongest economy in the EU, saw a remarkable increase in traffic of 389% in January 2019, a figure that has more than quadrupled since 2016. 

France, who has the third strongest economy in the EU, saw an increase of 26.9% in interest in UK jobs, while Italy and Spain saw increases of 36% and 30% respectively.

John Salt, Managing Director of CV-Library comments: “We know that the number of EU migrants arriving in the UK hit a six-year low last year. But, it’s clear that despite a drop in traffic from certain locations, the UK is still an attractive location to live and work in: whether this is EU nationals seeking employment opportunities, or expats looking to move back to the UK.

“Alongside this, job-seeking activity is usually a pre-curser to what is happening in the wider economy and our findings suggest that workers from Europe’s strongest performing countries intend to continue with their job search here in the UK.

“After we leave the EU, we will still be an open country, but hopefully with an immigration system in place that welcomes hard-working professionals into the UK. With this in mind, and as the government gives more clarity on the outcome of Brexit, organisations should pay attention to the fact that many EU professionals are still keen to explore what the UK has to offer, so long as the opportunities are there for them.”

As well as dramatic rises in traffic there have also been some European countries where traffic numbers have dropped significantly.

Portugal has seen a decrease in demand of over 20%, whilst Greece and the Netherlands have dropped by 18% and 17% respectively.