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Top buzzwords to use on your CV and during interviews

When you are writing your CV or preparing for a job interview it is necessary to consider your personal skill set to ensure they match the requirements of the role.

Taking the time to do this ensures youmaximisethe opportunity to demonstrate your suitability for the role whilst highlighting to prospective employees your commitment to the role and the company.

However, what few candidates are aware of is that recruiters are watchful of specific words, phrasesandexpressions that not only demonstrate knowledge of the position but convey confidence and highlight that a candidate will be a cultural fit for the company.

Using certain buzzwords on your CV and in your interview will increase your chances of bagging your dream job.

So, what are these mystery buzzwords?§

To include in your CV:

  • Adaptability - the modern business environment is full of change, transformation and challenges. Recruiters want to know that adaptability is one of your main skills. Discuss how you are able to change roles and responsibilities easily and that you consider your adaptability as key for you to stay ahead of the latest trends.

  • Analytical thinking - being analytical in your thinking allows you to make better informed decisions and this is highly in demand by employers as it drives efficiency and productivity. Ensure you give examples that highlight where you have utilised these skills.

  • Being proactive - in today’s fast paced and agile work environments you need to be proactive and able to think on your feet. Recruiters are looking for people who can come up with solutions rather than needing to be led or given constant feedback.

  • Empathy - empathy is a skill that is growing in demand as more and more recruiters connect it with an ability to make strong human connections and have positive interactions with both customers and colleagues. Try to highlight how having this skill has afforded you success.

  • Resilience - recruiters want to know how you cope with challenges, especially how you legitimise your actions when questioned. Highlight how you handle pressure and show how you were able to move forward after a bad experience.

To include during your interview:

The latest research from Glassdoor has revealed the top 12 buzzwords that candidates should be using during the interview process.

  • We - using the word “we” illustrates that you are already envisioning yourself as part of the team.

  • Flexible - the word “flexible” confirms that you could be an ideal colleague to work with.

  • Leader - dropping in the word “leader”, even if you aren’t applying for a senior role, indicates that you are capable and happy to take charge.

  • Plan - capability to strike up a “plan” is a vital component of many roles.

  • Initiative - explain how you used your “initiative” in certain projects to demonstrate your employability.

  • Opportunity - saying that you are excited for the potential “opportunity” of working for the company lets them know that you are a keen candidate.

  • Measurable results - using the phrase “measurable results” proves that your skills have produced tangible and accountable improvements in the past.

  • Success - not only does this mean talking about your personal “success” it is important to quiz the employer about the kind of employee that they want.

  • Mission statement - paying attention to the company’s “mission statement” ahead of the interview will give you a better chance of acing the interview.

  • Like it - why do you want this position? Because you “like it”.

  • Story - use a “story” to illustrate your strengths and how you have overcome challenges.

  • Thank you - remember to say “thank you” to the panel once the interview has commenced. Even if you don’t get a job on the back of it, they will remember you in good stead.