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Top things to consider when selecting a recruitment consultant to work with

Let’s face it recruitment consultants are ten a penny, great recruitment consultantshowever, well that truly is a different story.

So, how do you choose a recruitment consultant that is going to get the job done? Afterallit is such an important decision as the consequences of making a bad decision can be felt widely.

Here are some tips on what to consider when deciding to engage a recruitment consultant:

  • Past record and experience - you will want to ask for evidence that the consultants have a convincing track record in your industry and offer specialised knowledge of recruiting similar candidates. 

  • Size - you will want a consultancy that has a team of experts who can focus on your business and offer a truly responsive service and not get overwhelmed by the work. Whilst smaller operations might wax lyrical about offering a dedicated service, you have to question if they are able to always offer high levels of service.

  • Infrastructure - the latest technology infrastructure is key to being able to conduct and report progress of your search. It also goes much further than just a database of candidates; you need to know if they are at the forefront of using social media, video conferencing, search engines and AI systems to help secure the finest talent quickly.

  • Commitment - ultimately you want someone who is willing to make a quantifiable commitment to the assignment. They should confirm how many candidates you will be offered on shortlist, what timeframes are going to be in place and most importantly what happens if you find the shortlisted candidates unsuitable.

  • Accountability - a recruitment consultancy who is dedicated to the processes needed to secure the best candidates will willingly provide full information of the shortlisted candidates and the checks carried out on them. You want assurances that everything has be verified and checked and opinions given.

  • High standards - sadly there are too many recruitment consultants who give the job a bad name as they offer search services but go on to provide a load of CVs that have clearly just been printed off the internet. You want someone who understands and believes that their role is to make a difference to the job search, not just to save you time.

  • Transparency - whilst many consultancies are clear about fees there are often many hidden extra expenses that you might incur, it is therefore vital that they are transparent with all costs.

  • Ethics and standards - you will want to confirm that any recruiting partner has the same commitment to meeting and hopefully exceeding your ethical standards. In addition, it is paramount to work with a partner who meets all industry standards, such as GDPR, especially as any assignment will involve handling sensitive and confidential information.