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Top tips for PAs for writing the perfect CV

Writing a CV can seem a difficult and time consuming task, but by following the tips below, you can produce an amazing PA CV that will stand out from the crowd and capture the hiring Manager’s attention.

  • Make it bespoke - when we say bespoke we do mean for every role. Yes this might seem time consuming and unnecessary however by customising your CV to an individual role you might just gain an advantage from the start. Plus, we’re not talking about a total re-write, however every role has a unique job description and by matching your experience and skills to this you will make it very easy for an employer to select you for interview. After all it’s all about standing out and this is one of the most effective and easiest ways to do that.

  • Make it individual and different - when writing your CV think about the recruiter at the other end who has to look at CVs day in and day out. Many CVs appear like they could have been written by the same person and these are the ones that will most likely be reviewed quickly. Your ultimate goal is to make your CV stand out and be reviewed for longer so in order for this to happen you must take the time to make your CV individual and different. To do this you need to include something that will draw interest and that will describe you in a manner that is unique to you and highlights your personality, which after all is an important aspect of being PA. Try to include experiences and accomplishments you have had in previous roles and try to highlight your skills outside of the workplace that others might not have.

  • Ensure it is professional - standing out from the crowd is important but this shouldn’t be achieved by using wacky fonts and layouts. Remain professional with a clear and simple layout, use a font such as Times New Roman or Arial and above all else check and double check for grammar and spelling.

  • Keep it concise - whilst you might want to wax lyrical about all your qualifications, skills and experience it is far better to make the information easily readable and concise. Remember you will be one of many CVs considered so make it easy for the reader to see your key areas of expertise in a logical manner. Avoid long paragraphs of text and use bullet points to highlight what you want to stand out.

  • Watch your language - how you express yourself should be commanding and swaying so ensure you use vibrant language to persuade and avoid clichés and industry specific jargon. Bold statements can start with:

    • I managed

    • I created

    • I’m a proven

    • I’ve demonstrated 

By following these top tips you will make your CV stand out, however always take time to review it at least twice.