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The key steps to becoming a more valuable employee

If we’re being honest, it is pretty easy to recognise the behaviours that make people lack value as an employee. We could probably all reel that list off the top of our heads, however it becomes more difficult when we try to list the behaviours and habits that truly add value to an employer and make you a better employee.

The following list will hopefully make you realise that you are definitely getting it right, or might just help you make the improvements necessary to improve your career opportunities:

  • Be yourself - expressing your true self allows your employer to understand you and your values and appreciate what contribution you can make to the business.

  • Show you are learning - demonstrate your insights and unique perspective of your company by making suggestions for improvements. Highlight that not only are you keen to learn but want to make a positive difference to making the business better and are keen to push yourself.

  • Don’t miss work - whilst this might seem obvious, sadly millions of pounds are still lost each year by absenteeism. You need to make the effort to go to work unless it is an absolute emergency or you run the risk of being considered unreliable and unmotivated.

  • Don’t take advantage - again this might seem obvious but we have all known someone who takes advantage of the privileges that their employer provides. By taking care to use what your company provides responsibly, such as office supplies or internet use, highlights your responsibility and reliability to your employer.

  • Be considerate - you need to show consideration and appreciation to your co-workers. The little things such as acknowledging any help received and complimenting them on a job well done will go a long way. After all, you often spend more time with these people than your own family.

  • Take part - by taking part in employee events you are showing that you are willing to learn new skills and want to have new experiences. Remember it’s not just about turning up, you need to truly participate, however by doing so you are showing that you value the opportunity and appreciate the effort made.

  • Maintain your workspace - your workspace represents you and you want to project that you value your job by making the effort to stay organised. Plus, you need to show foresight in case you are off work and others need to locate things.

  • Stay up to date - keep an ear to the ground of any changes in procedures or general news about the company. Read anything sent to you, don’t just scan it and focus on always appearing informed and interested. 

  • Stay relevant - you need to remain ahead of the game on industry insights that can help you perform your role better but that also give you a better understanding of how your business fits in the industry. Don’t be afraid of sharing this information.