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Considering a PA job in London?

Whilst the streets may not be paved with gold; living and working in London does offer a world of opportunity. The city is booming and as it continues to flourish, so do the career opportunities for PAs.

London is the political, economic, business and cultural hub of the country. It’s a centre for international business and many global businesses have offices here. You have access to work in pretty much any industry, so whoever you dream of working for, from a tech start up based in Shoreditch, to the creatives in Soho or even the global banks in the financial district, you’ll find it in London.

Plus, let’s face it, you’re never going to get bored with all the world-class museums and art galleries. You can get lost in the architecture and history. There are endless theatre and music venues and there is the chance to be part of a multicultural and diverse population with people from all over the world. Let’s not forget the food or the public transport links which are amongst the best and most extensive in the world and of course there is the shopping, with the luxury brands of Bond Street and famous department stores like Harrods.

So if you’re considering a move to the capital and are applying for PA or secretarial jobs here are our top tips:

  • Consider your location - If you are considering relocating to London study how the place you live might dictate where you work. Although transport links are great, London is a big place and commutes can be over an hour.

  • Network and use your contacts - registering with a good recruitment agency can offer you the best opportunities however, you do need to get yourself out there as well. Attend some of the many events in your chosen industry and you never know who you might meet.

  • Consider temping - temping offers you the opportunity to try a variety of roles and industries to see which you prefer, plus it offers you an opportunity to develop new skills and build up a network of contacts.

  • Get organised - the mark of a great PA is a proactive and professional approach so put your best skills to use finding yourself your ideal role. Ensure your CV is up-to-date and the content is not over shadowed by the format or design.

  • Plan your budget - there is no way of getting away from it: London is expensive. Make sure you have a robust plan for accommodation, transport and food costs.