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How to stay effective when working between Christmas and New Year

The time between Christmas and New Year is a strange time to be working. You are definitely not the only one, but it certainly feels like you are. Yes, there are the benefits of less traffic, being able to get work done without the normal distractions and no lunch time queues to buy a sandwich, but it is very hard to not feel half-hearted about having to be one of the few that still has to work.

So how can you stay motivated, focused and most importantly effective over the period between Christmas and New Year? Here are few tips which we hope will help:

  • Avoid distractions - whilst it’s easy to get distracted when an office is full and busy, the same can be said when there are fewer people around. Potential distractions when it is quieter are often online such as Facebook, news sites and of course the likes of Ebay. If you can’t resist totally, plan in regular times when you are ‘allowed’ to look and stick to it.

  • Focus on the right work - you might need to be creative when deciding what to work on. If you chose to work on projects that require input from your colleagues, you need to think before bothering them on email. You will either not get a response or will get one from a reluctant and potential annoyed colleague if they are on holiday.

  • Be disciplined - it really is a time when you could get away with being late, leaving early and taking very long lunch breaks. Although a little flexibility might be a given, you do need to behave as you would on a normal working day.

  • Be kind to yourself - it’s easy to feel sorry for yourself and sit at your desk like a disappointed zombie for hours on end. Although it’s probably cold outside, try and get out and about at lunch time, after all it should be easier to take a break at this time of year and it will do you the world of good.

  • Take the opportunities - if your office is running on minimal staff this might be a great opportunity to talk and get to know people in your office that you wouldn’t normally; so make a move. Plus, if normal work is quiet, take the opportunity to catch up on something you normally never have the time to or be creative and plan ahead for the New Year.