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Great feedback from Singapore

We were delighted to receive this super feedback from one of our candidates from the Singapore office. As you can see, candidate care is extremely important to us within the recruitment industry. Excellent work, Traven Teng (LMA, Singapore) and thank you to Natasha Dutta for your positive and encouraging words!

‘During my professional career over the last 3 years, I have had 4 jobs in India and Singapore and during my job search I have come into contact with many recruiters. Knowing how they operated and whenever a recruiter called, I knew the kind of questions they would ask.  Normally after short conversation, I could guess whether they were going to proceed further or reject me, until I met someone different here in Singapore. He was not merely a recruiter, he happened to be a career adviser.  It was altogether a different experience with Mr.Traven Teng.

During our first conversation, he gave positive feedback on my resume and persuaded me to pursue his role which was a completely new experience to me. I ultimately received a call for an interview, as he anticipated. Leading up to the interview, I received constant encouragement and guidance from Traven. I did not even hesitate to seek further questions on the role, which he patiently answered. On the day ofinterview, we met for coffee. He gave me some important tips on how to succeed an interview and I succeeded!!

It’s amazing. I am sure that Traven will go far in his career with his knowledgeable and professional approach to recruitment. Praise to a recruiter who knows how to engage with his candidates!