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10 Words To Engage My Team

​As any business owner knows, keeping and developing your best people is number one priority. If you have a team of superstars, it is even more crucial.

Keeping employees engaged at work is one of the key HR challenges of the next few decades. Each employee has a personal story, with different motivations and ambitions for their career. Your job is to ensure that your company can provide the environment where they can grow and develop for the foreseeable future.

We have a superb team here at LMA, and I would like to share a few of the things that I believe keep us engaged as a team and as individuals:

Success. It doesn’t happen without belief. My team believe that when they undertake a search, they will end up with a happy client and even happier candidate. A success culture is crucial – your mates are successful, why shouldn’t you be?

Trust. Business is so much easier if you do what you say you will, every time. If words and actions match, then even the most ambitious plan becomes a reality in people’s heads. Also, trust on a personal level is vital – if people need to pop off to the dentist or work at home for a few days, not a problem at all.

Communication. People are engaged when they are part of the conversation. This may be about changes in your business, issues that need resolving, or simply deciding where to go on the next away day. If people are involved, they will feel in charge.

Transparency. No one likes to be left in the dark. I personally share the financial performance of my business. I also discuss future strategy with every member of the business – as they all have a direct impact on our performance. If I am open and honest about my position, people will do the same with me.

Journey. This is a big one. People that feel they are standing still become disillusioned very easily. Life is about constant and continuous improvement – if they are enthused by the destination, then they will all pull together to help us get there.

Competition. You can get away from it, but if your friend has just made a big placement, it gives you that little extra kick to try that bit harder. Competition is part of our DNA, and as long as there is an element of fun, it can be a great way of inspiring people to those extra heights.

Welfare. I care about my people, and I take every opportunity to let them know it. From providing free breakfast and fruit, to ensuring that everyone takes their holiday allowance every year, a healthy employee is a happy employee.

Flexibility. Nothing is set in stone. If someone finds it easier to work in a certain way, then as long as they are producing results, that is fine by me. The days of dictating how your business is run are over.

Meritocracy. The best people will rise to the top, and this is not based on how much you make me laugh or how long you have worked at the company. Those people who deliver results will be rewarded with pay rises, bonuses and promotions. 100% transparency – those who do well will go far.

Relationships. I have left the most important one until last. It is vital to have friends at work, and I place a great importance on the social side of the business. People are not at work just to work; they are there to live. Having a supportive boss and fun colleagues is crucial to keep people there for a long, long time.

These ten words are my ideal. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to stick to them to the letter. In some circumstances I know that I could be better, that is for sure. However, just as it is their journey, it is also my journey, and I will continue to do my best to keep my guys happy to be here.